The Garden Path

I often spent much of my time contemplating the garden that my mother’s pride and joy when I visiting Malaysia. Here I see the garden as a very specific version of Nature: a  visual spectacle of plants, water and space, a thing of serenity to be contemplated in peace. Perhaps one may say gardening is landscape painting, and that we learn to look at landscape in gardens as some look at landscape in painting.

The Garden Path is a body of work inspired by this contemplation. Bridging Eastern and Western aesthetics of Nature through the complex relationship between gardening and art, the complex photomontages draw references from Chinese classical ink painting, Western 19th century Romantic landscape painting and 17th century still-life painting. The digitally manipulated flora and fauna motifs were collected painstakingly from numerous online sources that reference the production, distribution and consumption of images. Exploring scale, colour and repetition,     this work addresses nostalgia, history, and ultimately the way we experience Nature in the digital age.